Anxiety Treatment Brisbane

Anxiety and anxiety attacks can cause great discomfort. It can change lives in a negative fashion, often causing the sufferer to ‘shrink’ within themselves.

When it is not addressed, anxiety often leads to depression. Hence the need to pay attention when life changing thought patterns begin to take over one’s daily existence.

Anxiety disorders are in-fact common mental health problems in society. Statistics show that 25% of people will have an anxiety disorder that needs treatment during their lifetime. A further 25% have less severe (but no less real) anxiety such as fear of spiders, dogs, flying, or snakes.


Not all anxiety is bad

Embedded in human emotion is the need for anxiety. It makes us aware when we face threatening situations and is an important part of our physiological and psychological makeup.

Much has been written about ‘fight or flight’; the decision making process that makes us decide when to leave or when to stay. Choosing how we decide is the key to a less stressful existence.


Discrimination Strategies

How we look at life’s problems dictates our daily comfort level. Many responses to everyday life are dictated by our upbringing; the ‘norms’ of our social group, religious beliefs and much more. When are asked the question: “How do you decide to think this way about something?” the majority of people say “I don’t really know. I just do … I’ve always thought like that”.

Key questions when reviewing our thinking patterns include:

“How do you distinguish this from that?”

“How do you decide whether it’s real or fake”?

“How do you distinguish what is a realistic goal from an unrealistic goal?”

There are so many questions that apply when reviewing our decision making process during anxiety treatment. Some are addressed by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and many more by combining it with Hypnosis.

During a hypnosis session at one of our Brisbane practices, the subconscious is left to explore these questions at a deep level. During this process the power of the subconscious often provides a ‘light bulb moment’, shining light on a resolution for the ‘now’ and highlighting a pathway forward with limitless possibilities.

“People think things, then too often make the mistake of believing themselves”- Dr.Michael Yapko

If you relate to the above feelings and would like to discuss Anxiety Treatment Brisbane-based A Happier Life welcome any opportunity to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.