Most of us have goals we would like to meet, whether it is a healthier lifestyle e.g. a gym program, a more active daily regime, better eating choices, a new job or addressing personal or family issues.

When we start down these roads, our enthusiasm can be jolted, our energy drops and the “I can’t be bothered” syndrome hits. We maye ask ourselves “why did I ever start this in the first place”?

I refer to this as a Search and Rescue session. In these sessions we revisit the positives that drove you to begin the task in the first place, reinforce the inner strengths that have taken you to this point and give you the drive to continue (and perhaps even discover new paths).

You do not need to have attended a session at A Happier Life to be involved in a “Search and Rescue” session. We all start things with the best of intensions. Occasionally our path can become “foggy” and our original goal or destination fades.

These sessions are very powerful; they are relaxing and promote self-confidence.

You will be given an MP3 version of the session to have as ongoing reinforcement.

Be Positive !