When we think of PTSD, many think of those traumatised because of battlefield experiences. Of course, this certainly may be the case with war veterans but PTSD is also true for so many other traumatic experiences for example a car accident, loss of a loved one, workplace incident, personal conflict and other stressful situations that would be better placed gently back in the past with other non-traumatic experiences.

The anxiety caused by PTSD can be destructive at worst and uncomfortable and persistent at best. A list of typical events would be too long to outline here however anything that causes discomfort when a feeling is invoked may be treated with hypnosis and our Rewind method.

Many treatments of PTSD center on revisiting the trauma and coming to terms with it by re-living the event. Our Rewind method avoids putting the client directly back into the traumatic event; rather we dissociate the person from the memory by viewing the situation from afar (during hypnosis). We return the event back to its correct place in the memory, without causing distress or trauma whenever when it is revisited.

It is worth noting that stressful events do not have to involve personal tragedy.

In the corporate world for example, a poorly delivered speech, a bad experience with a work associate or even a poor exam result can be addressed and put gently back into the “memory-bank’ where it belongs without any associated stress.

Depending on the numbers of traumatic experiences to be addressed, this may be a 1 session or multiple session process.