I can’t stop smoking because the nicotine addiction is too strong and even if I can stop I know I am going to put on weight !”

Ever told yourself the above statement or heard it from someone else (because that is what happened to them)? Read on !

Nicotine is not the only driver of the smoking habit. In fact, following a 72 hour period of non-smoking, most traces of nicotine have left the body, however the association with smoking in certain situations is just as powerful, perhaps more than nicotine. For example: a person who chooses to smoke may reach for a cigarette when they are stressed because they think it will calm them down. Or perhaps they may be bored and decide a cigarette will ease the boredom.

Some people link having a drink with needing a cigarette but there is no logical need for the two to go together.

This is a form of pattern matching, i.e. when I think of this—I do that (in this case, reach for a cigarette).

When the patterns are badly matched a problem is created, and in smoking, the patterns, are mismatched. Stopping smoking is about getting the thought patterns working correctly.

When someone is struggling to rid themselves of a habit, there are a number of techniques that can be used including the technique develop with outstanding success by Psychologist and Hypnotherapist Mark Tyrell.

Being a certified practitioner of this technique, as well being able to employ other approaches if necessary, relieving a client of the burden of smoking is always an uplifting part of any practice.

Smoking cessation may take only one session of approximately 90 minutes.

The wish to stop smoking is very important to the outcome of our sessions. If a client attends a session because someone else wants them to, this may not be good enough reason for change to happen.

There needs to be an honest wish to stop the smoking habit and if so, I look forward to discussing the process with you and helping you start your life as a person who chooses not to smoke.

In addition to you becoming a smoke free human being, at A Happier Life we support you with a weight control session to make sure that when you are at ease with your new lung capacity, you don’t have to push extra weight around.

If you wish to begin a “smoke free” life, please call or arrange a chat by Skype.