If you are reading this section of the website you have an interest in your personal health and well-being. You may also have been told or maybe told yourself to “drop some kilo’s” .That is easier said than done!

This non-invasive procedure developed by renowned weight-loss expert Sheila Granger in the U.K has had world-wide success. It will give you confidence, a sense of self-worth and a guided pathway towards a vision you  have of yourself. Or why not create a vision of yourself that we can help you achieve.

This is a 4 session process with no diets or heavy exercise regime however a commitment to a gentle walk 3 times a week is required.

I am happy to chat with you about this process and you can decide if the VGB is for you as it has been for thousands of others and of course if I should be the one to help you discover the new you.

With the holiday period now behind us, many clients wish to rid themselves of the extra kg’s that may have crept on over the past month or so. Now is the time to be serious about fitting back into the clothes that you maybe ready to throw out or too embarrassed to wear, and you hate ourself for it.

We all need to be prepared so we do not worry about our eating habits, so eating becomes not to focus of our daily lives and of those around us.

Each VGB sessions comes with a supporting C.D or MP3 recording.

Please call, email or we can have a Skype link and you can decide if you are ready to begin discovering a new you!