Depression Treatment Brisbane

For most people depression is a social disorder, not a medical one. It is no more likely to improve with medication alone than would poverty or racism. You can’t treat a social problem just with medication.

People of course become depressed for many reasons. Often issues like a relationship break-ups, retrenchment at work and financial worry are not of a biological nature. Unfortunately, this is simply life happening around us.

Better facing adversity through improved critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills should be the primary goal of depression treatment. Taking a pill to dull the senses might be an easy way to address the problem, but guess what? After the last pill has been taken the initial problem still remains and still needs to be resolved.

Often when we talk about substance abuse such as drug or alcohol addiction, we tend to isolate the problem. However when most people turn to drugs or alcohol it is because they are depressed and see no way out of their current life circumstance. Addiction and depression go hand in hand in most cases.

The relationship between clinician and client forms the basis for any positive outcomes and the improvement of the client’s mental health and to some extent physical wellbeing. To put it bluntly, being passive is not going to allow anyone to overcome depression.


The role of Hypnosis in Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment should be addressed with an integrated approach. Techniques include Cognitive Therapy Behaviour (which will invariably includes ‘homework’ of some sort) and Clinical Hypnosis and perhaps numerous other therapies.

Cognitive Therapy Behaviour (CBT) works at the cognitive level.  Clients are given small tasks designed around a positive change of some sort, eventually leading to new behaviour patterns. This therapy can take place over a number of weeks and months.

Hypnosis enables clients to explore their life at a deeper level than CBT. It allows them to understand that there can be a positive future and that the past may not seem as bad as they once thought. From our Brisbane practice, our  modern approach uses hypnosis to look forward, see that we are greater than our past, and that our future is yet to be written.

When hypnosis is used, we access the subconscious mind. It is in the subconscious that we hold all that we value, all the truths and non-truths that we learned in our early years that form our value system as adults. In the subconscious we find past strengths that can shine through and create wonderful possibilities. Hypnosis unlocks the key to the mind and change can be rapid.

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