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Clinical Hypnosis

A beneficial therapeutic strategy


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The Virtual Gastric Band

A non-invasive procedure with world-wide success


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Smoking Cessation

What can be stronger than nicotine?


Guided Imagery
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Personal Development

Our model is adaptable
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Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Brisbane

solutions just for you

Did you know that there are two schools of thought concerning psychotherapy?

There’s the traditional approach which advises you not to dwell in the past, but rather to focus on fixing the “now” so you can look forward to a brighter future.

Then there’s Resource Therapy which conversely helps you face and resolve issues from your past that may be impacting on your current mental health.

You’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Rather than forcing you to choose one method of therapy or the other, A Happier Life will work with you to discover:

  • which form of psychotherapy works best for you
  • what you are most comfortable with, and
  • what will challenge you enough to produce a successful outcome.


Hypnosis Brisbane: results-focussed psychotherapists

Thanks to A Happier Life, your problems could finally be over … quickly, positively and permanently.

Regardless of whether you wish to stop smoking, sleep better, develop better eating habits, be less stressed or anxious, improve your self esteem or your sports performance, or end the vicious circle of depression, A Happier Life offers you a number of therapy options that have been proven to work effectively. They include:

  • Resource Therapy
  • Clinical Hypnosis Brisbane
  • Cognitive Therapy Behaviour, and
  • Lifestyle Coaching.

These have all been designed to avoid the negative thinking that can lead to Depression and the subsequent problems that inhabit our everyday lives with increasing regularity.

Therapist Gary Cosier specialises in Brief Therapy. In Brief Therapy we zero right in to the heart of the problem quickly, work out a plan for a positive resolution and let you return to a fulfilled and happy life.

Best of all, unlike long-winded psychology sessions, brief Therapy is not a process that will keep you coming back for endless and expensive ‘talk’ sessions.

Life should not be spent in therapy, there is a life to live and a happy one at that!

Whatever is weighing you down, or preventing you from reaching your full potential, A Happier Life can turn your life around. Here are just some of our specialities:

We invite you to stroll through the website pages that address some of the above topics and please contact us for further advice or an appointment.