Many of us have had the frustration of inconsistent performance during a sporting contest.

Have you ever played your best game of golf ever and then played your worst game ever the next day? Even more frustrating: played your best 9 holes and worst 9 holes all in the one game!

Have you ever played tennis like the world number one and then the next time on court played like it was your first game?

Have you ever played cricket when everything felt so easy and then suddenly the “flow” just left you?

If you have played sport of any kind, you will know this feeling (or the feeling of no feeling).

Sometimes that brief period (of excellence) in a sporting life visits us fleetingly and never returns, no matter how hard we train, no matter how hard we wish it to come back.

By using “Guided Imagery”, we can revisit that feeling of ‘flow’ and experience again what it was like to be in the ‘zone’. We ‘live’ there for a while with all the sounds, feeling the heartbeat, revisiting your thoughts and muscle movement and then we bring it into the present- into your game now.

For those who have anxiety episodes before their performance or sleepless nights with the game or event endlessly played through in the mind, I can sympathise.

I know what it feels like waiting to bat at the MCG in a Boxing Day Test match, listening to 90,000 screaming fans, watching your teammates, trying not to over or underestimate the opposition, not wanting to let the situation rule your own performance.

Yes it can be scary. You may be an equestrian rider, a pole vaulter, a footballer who freezes in front of goal, a golfer who can’t get the putter back and through to make the putt. It can be devastating. Perhaps you are an executive who constantly relives images of a bad speech or a stressful board meeting.

As in the clinical hypnosis process, it is you the client with the resources to be drawn upon as I your therapist will assist in helping you to recall past victories, thereby rebuilding self-confidence.

I know from feedback, that to speak with a therapist who has experienced the highest levels of sport and all that goes with it (good and not so good, success and the other side of success), can give the client confidence that he or she is speaking with some who ‘gets it’, who understands and can empathise with imperfect performance.

Guided Imagery invariably takes more than one session and you will be given an MP3 version of our session for reinforcement.

I look forward to working with you!