Life Coach & Business Coach Brisbane

Working as a CEO for more than 20 years in varied business fields and in different countries has afforded me the opportunity to reflect and explore on what I believe is required to provide a worthwhile coaching model, one that offers effective company results whilst taking into account executive wellbeing and performance.


The C.O.A.R Coaching Model

We use the Context, Observation, Action and Review (COAR) coaching model as a personal and lifestyle coaching process. It is perfect for both small enterprises requiring a business coach Brisbane, and for larger companies who wish to put time aside to develop executives at all levels. It also enables the enhancement of both individual and team performance, and organisational goals.


Life Coach Brisbane

As your personal life coach Brisbane’s A Happier Life will firstly explore if COAR coaching is going to benefit you. This is a complimentary session to help you decide if you’d like us to work with you.

Then we begin to explore your current situation:

  • Your vision of where you see yourself?
  • The resources you have to achieve your vision?
  • The additional resources you may need. What they are and how they can be acquired?
  • What might get in your way (is it you ?)
  • Your time frame?

Following this we put a life coaching action plan together and a timetable for review and reflection. Should something need adjustment, we will put it to action and review again. At some stage in this process, we may use guided imagery if we feel there is a benefit to be had. We may also employ relaxation techniques that you can use yourself in daily life. This is a multi-step process that varies from client to client.

An initial free consultation is available to ensure you are comfortable with the COAR concept, and me as your coach.


Business Coach Brisbane

COAR coaching for executives and businesses builds upon all of the above yet takes on a different complexity.

We explore the relationship between executives and their immediate environment, the team or business unit, and the company. We also examine the systems that exist within the organisation and how executives fit within the system.

Our business coaching relationship may stay with just you and us. Invariably (not always) the wider business unit may be included to establish the true working relationships within the organisation.

We also review the ‘below the surface’ strengths and possible weaknesses of the individual and company. This often includes the organisation’s core values, ethics and strategic vision. Then we look at how these align with you and your values and vision.

If you are interested, our business coaching Brisbane sessions can be conducted in my private rooms. We also prefer some coaching sessions to be held on-site at least some of the time.

COAR coaching aims to achieve a higher level of executive performance outcomes, resulting in a happier and more dynamic work environment. Each Brisbane business coaching program will be structured dependent on your time requirements.

Additionally the COAR coaching model enables us to also address stressful situations that occur in executive life including:

  • Executive and team performance
  • Public speaking
  • Boardroom performance
  • Individual staff and team management
  • Career change or re-evaluation
  • Work/life balance
  • Workplace conflict


The Hogan Assessment System

As a certified Hogan Assessment System (HAS) practitioner, I can offer the opportunity for clients to use this invaluable and internationally acclaimed assessment tool.

The HAS offers our clients the ability to understand how they perform under pressure in the workplace. What may causes you to be stressed and how does that stress affects you in the work environment? The HAS also enables us to predict the ‘derailers’ before they happen and provide coping mechanisms for challenging times.

If you are interested to know more about our successful life coach and business coach services, please contact us today. You can read more about the Hogan Assessment System here.